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Who We Are?

ELOM as a single word means “Beloved of GOD”. As an acronym it means Eternal Life Online Media.
ELOM TV is a Christian Television Network that focuses on quality Christian and Family Friendly entertainment. Our Mission is to provide the world with an alternative for better television.

Since our launch in September of 2015 ELOM TV has and continues to supply the world, both Christians and those looking for Family Friendly entertainment, with high quality movies, documentaries, music, teachings and more. We do this by partnering with content producers, independent artist, filmmakers, musicians, preachers, and content distributors who share our vision.
Our Network Showcases and Welcomes Videos in the Following Categories: Music, Movies, Short-films, Cartoon Animations, Plays, Health, Teachings, Comedy and more!

What We Do?

We provide a platform that connects both viewers to quality Christian media and Christian media creators a place to showcase their Christian, and Family-Friendly content.

The World of entertainment, for the most part, is not very “Jesus Friendly” and in a lot of cases, it is not very family friendly. Our goal is to provide a safe entertaining environment that the whole family can enjoy. So no matter what’s on, the kids can stay, grandma can stay… even Jesus, can stick around and watch with you.
The Bible tells us that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and that our faith comes by what we hear. Shouldn’t we be more careful and guarded about the things we see and hear? We believe these words not just for the little ones but for us all!
For Christian/Family-Friendly Media Creators: We strategically place Christian/family-friendly content in front of viewers seeking this type of media entertainment as an alternative to what’s broadly available throughout the world today; Making a clear distinction of being a Christian media provider network that offers you “Better TV for Life”!

We achieve this by 1) showcasing Christian, family-friendly media at regularly scheduled intervals throughout our live broadcasts, 2) by making this media available through our on demand interface, and 3) by providing media creators with an added option of having their media included in our online web presence, where their content can be streamed to any mobile device, streaming device or Smart TV that has an internet connection and at www.ELOM.tv.

ELOM TV is not only striving to make a difference today. Our goal is to one day be a strong tower and trusted source for our children’s, children, and for generations to come. To be a resource and a familiar place that they know to turn to for quality entertainment of all varieties, no matter how the World around them changes.
Our future plans also include us supporting and giving back to the creative community by distributing the much needed resources provided by partners like you, to help equip producers, and artist to be better able to bring the creativity and talent the LORD has given our partnership community to the world.

Why Choose Us?

Simply put, ELOM TV is Your #1 Choice for Better TV For LIFE!
What separates ELOM TV from other media networks:

Unlike most media networks, ELOM TV focuses, not only on building community, but also giving back to its community of viewers and providers. These plans also extend to churches, ministries and outreaches.

How can you support?

If you would like to help us, please, consider becoming a partner. You can contribute a one time gift or a monthly amount. Either here on our GoFundme Or through our website here Become a Partner

You can also support us by sharing who we are and what we do, with your friends, family, and the world through email, Facebook, Twitter and all social media.

If you have Quality, Christian, Inspirational, Motivational and/or Educational content that you own the rights to and want a platform to share your content, contact us TODAY! If you have a film or video please visit the REGISTER tab at the top of our home page here Create Your Channel and upload your video to share with our community around the world.

When you subscribe TODAY, to our ELOM.TV web presence, you can get your very own channel within our ELOM TV Network, where you can upload your individually owned video content. You will also be provided with a link to your channel that you can share with an unlimited number of viewers! SUBSCRIBE TODAY!

Please also remember to tune into the Broadcast daily on ROKU available now. You may watch us on ROKU TV, channel name: ELOM TV! Just click here to add now Add ELOM TV to ROKU

You can also keep up with us on the web and our mobile APP. Stop by ELOM TV each day to watch GOD-inspired, motivational, inspirational and educational content – without compromise!

Look for us soon on Amazon Fire TV , Dish Network and other media outlets soon!

We are grateful and thankful for you checking us out and for your continued support. Together, we CAN make a difference. Keep it locked to ELOM TV, Better TV For Life. GOD Bless!

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