ELOM as a single word means “Beloved of GOD”. As an acronym it means Eternal Life Online Media.
ELOM TV is a Christian Television Network that focuses on quality Christian and Family Friendly entertainment. 

Our Mission is to provide the world with an alternative for better television while safeguarding entertainment for future generations. As a network, we believe it is our duty to ensure families have a safe place for entertainment viewing, without exemption or compromise. Simply put; Our motto is Better TV For Life!  Our task is creating a new archive, for a new generation to view and be inspired through.

our history in words
Doing What We Love, For those Who Love Us

Since our launch in September of 2015, ELOM TV has grown to reach millions around the globe in over 107 Countries worldwide. ELOM TV has and continues to supply the world; both Christians and those looking for Family Friendly entertainment, with high quality movies, documentaries, music, teachings, live entertainment and more. We do this by partnering with content producers, independent artist, filmmakers, musicians, preachers, and content distributors who share our vision. We are also engaging in production of our own original content soon to be releasing winter 2017.

we are always


ELOM TV is not only striving to make a difference today. Our goal is to one day be a strong tower and trusted source for our children’s, children, and for generations to come. This is backed by our drive, and continued effort to be a resource, and a familiar place that they know to turn to for trusted, quality entertainment of all varieties. No matter how the World around them changes.
Our future plans also include us supporting and giving back to the creative community through our partnership with The CEAD Foundation. A Non-Profit agency that focuses on distributing the much needed resources, education and funding provided by partners like you, to help equip producers, and artist to be better able to bring the creativity and talent the LORD has given them to the world.